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They say I have a mind of my own! Well, I guess that might be true but I’ve never learned any other way. When no one cares enough to show you the right way – well what can you expect? I came all the way from New York to find a home here in the South thanks to a super nice volunteer family that brought me all the way to Georgia. I guess that makes me a transplanted Yankee turned Southern Belle! I am a golden girl who wants a family to love, so I’m looking for a new home with dog savvy parents who can help me learn how to grow up and be a dog to be admired! For starters, I bring a whole lot of smarts and am so ready to learn as well as typical puppy energy. I am just 20 weeks old and rarin’ to go! Right now, I think everything should be my way and I do not like the word “NO”. AGA says no little kids in my new family because I might be too bossy for them. I do take “orders” from older dogs so that’s a plus and maybe I could learn from them. I already know a few commands and (good news) I have learned dog house manners. Now all I need is to learn how to listen and mind my people. So how about joining me on my new adventure? I’m so ready! Cuddles from Lilly

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