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I had two special car drivers to bring me from a place where I first stayed, in a shelter.  There were some mean dogs there and one hurt my ear.  The shelter people took me to the doctor and lucky for me I didn’t have to go back to the shelter before my drivers came.  I couldn’t make a happy face when AGA took my picture.  I didn’t have much to be happy about since I got lost.  Everyone guesses I am about 3 years old and the machine I stood on says I am a little bit over 40 pounds.  I don’t know where my other home was, but I need a new one.  I can walk on a leash really well and I get along with nice dogs.  I don’t want to see any more mean ones!  I’m wishing for a special family all my own and when AGA gets to know me better they can tell you all about me!  Your friend-to-be, Max

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