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2nd NEWS FLASH! Wow – am I ever popular or what! I just heard I have a new angel girl who sent me $200 to help with my medical expenses! Are you believing that? Her name is Darlene Hanzlik and I am so grateful she thought of me. My old life was something I don’t want to remember but since I have come to AGA things just get better and better. Thank you Darlene and lots of kisses to you for your kindness.
NEWS FLASH! I’m celebrating with my friend Buddy who is another AGA orphan. He has a sponsor for his HW treatment and now I do also! He has a lady angel and I have a man angel who’s name is John Pendergast. We are so excited to be looking forward to being healthy again thanks to these two special people who are kind enough to help AGA pay for our medicine. Thank you, thank you to John for caring about me. I will always remember him! I am still trying to catch my breath! I was picked up from my home on a farm and rode a long way until I was put in another car and rode and rode and rode again. It was dark when we stopped and I was soooo tired. My lady driver was very kind to me and I would give her lots of kisses if I could for rescuing me. Then I found out she was from AGA and I was so relieved! I needed a doctor because I did not have good care and so I had ear infections and – worst of all – heartworms. I am getting care for all my medical problems but what I do need – a lot – is a sponsor for my HW treatment. It costs $750 for the medicine I need and I am crossing all paws that someone or more than one person will help me. I am, just now, a bit shy and am looking for a patient family that will explain all the things I don’t understand. I am not used to being looked after but I sure am excited to find out what it is like. My special request is that my new home has another dog there for me to play with and who can teach me all about being a family dog. Kisses from Mickey