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My name matches up with the holiday coming this month!  I hope I can celebrate it in a new home with a new family.  My first family left me at an animal shelter.  At least I was inside – usually I lived outside.  I am still a puppy-like fellow at 13 months even though I am over 70 on the machine that tells you how big dogs are.  I am a good car rider, especially if my driver lets me give kisses.  I am kinda scared of new sounds but can’t help being very interested in what they are.  I love it when people play with me – I haven’t had many do that.  My foster says I am very smart, which is good because I need to learn about lots of things like house manners, following commands, living in a home and being part of a family.  I hope the “Luck of the Irish” is with me and I’ll find my family very soon!  Lots of love and thanks, Murphy

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