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BREAKING NEWS!  YES, I have an angel sponsor who sent $800 to pay for my HW treatment and I am so very happy to know someone cares so much about me that I am practically barkless!  Her name is Erin Osterland and what makes this an extra special gift is that she gave it in honor of her friend’s dad who recently went to be an angel because he had that bad sickness called COVID.  His name was James Andrew Smith and I heard he loved goldens a lot.  It makes me sad to know that I can’t meet him but for now I sent a message to all the angel goldens to wait for him.  I think he has room on his lap for all of them!!  Thank you Erin for your kindness and bless Mr. James and his family for loving us.  I feel very special and honored – love Murphy

Can anything else go wrong?  I was lost.  I ended up in a shelter.  Nobody came to get me and take me back home.  And to beat it all, I have heartworms!!!  If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all!!  At least that’s what I was thinking until just the other day when the shelter helped me go to AGA.  My gosh, what a relief!  I think I’m headed in the right direction now.  My health check up was OK except for the bad news about the heartworms.  I felt like stomping my feet around.  I was so mad!  Now I need some more good luck in the shape of an angel who can send me the $750 I need for (ugh) those shots to get rid of the darn things.  I am up to my ears in bad luck and for a 2 year old boy that’s plenty!  I need your help to turn things around!  I am a part golden and a part something but no clue as to what that is.  The important part is that I am said to be a sweet fellow with lots of love to give.  Thanks for thinking about me and let AGA know if you have some space for me in your family.  Murphy

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