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Well, here I am again! I have been trying out some homes but nothing, so far, has worked out. First, the people said I got “too big”. Goodness, is that my fault? I am only 14 months old now so what did they expect when I was younger? It is true – I kinda knocked a couple of little kids over but it was an accident. I wasn’t meaning to hurt them. My other homes thought I had too much energy and maybe would be too lively to be around older people. I guess all my energy and enthusiasm comes with being still a youngster. Now I’m looking for another home that suits me and my next family. I need some really active parents and if there are kids, please, make them older kids who can keep up with me!!! I am good on a leash but need the other end to be held by someone sort of strong. I can ring a bell at the door when it’s time to go out and I can also use a doggie door if you have one. I also don’t mind a crate every now and then. See – I am the perfect dog and I’m still growing and getting smarter. I’m friendly and lovable and need a family so much! I still need patience and understanding and people who want to help me grow up to be the handsome and smart fellow I was meant to be. Lots of love, Ollie