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I just had the best news ever!  My new angel Mark Hansford donated $750 to pay for my heartworm treatment.  I never met him so we don’t know each other but what is nicer than a stranger helping a poor dog?  Well, that’s just what angels do and I was lucky to find one so generous.  I and AGA are grateful to you Mark.  Thanks to you I can be healthy again!

I got lost and found myself living in an animal shelter.  No one came to get me but thank goodness the shelter people took good care of me and arranged for AGA to come and bring me to the orphan place.  That was a very lucky break.  They call me a mostly flat coated retriever and I am around one year old.  Besides having a handsome coat of thick, shiny black hair, I am strong with really good muscles!  I absolutely love all people and absolutely cannot stand other dogs!  I have all kinds of energy and play until I drop, preferably right across your feet!  I love belly rubs which I will stay still for but speaking of staying still, I have had the bad luck of being told I have heartworms and need special medicine.  It costs $750 which is something my head doesn’t even understand and then I have to be quiet so the medicine will work.  That’s going to be hard but I think I can do it if I can find an angel to send me the money.  I’m not asking for much more.  I, for sure, need a fenced yard, people that don’t leave the doors open where I can slip out and people who are careful about leash walking (which I have to learn).  Best not to have small kids who don’t understand that I can be kind of an escape artist but hopefully, one day, I’ll learn where I belong and not be looking for something else.  AGA will be learning more about me so stay tuned and please ask to meet me!  Lots and lots of love from Olson

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