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I am looking for a new home because I need more room to run and more attention than my first family could give me.  I am a boy golden that they call an “English Cream”.  I think that means I am the same color as cream which is kind of white – like.  At 1.4 years old I am still a lot of puppy in a bigger body, ’cause I love to play and carry my toys to give to people I meet and still need some “training”.  I am not perfect on house manners or on leash training.  I just need more lessons I think and someone home with me during the day to help me learn these things.  I am very good at loving people – in fact, I have been called a “velcro dog” – and I do like other dogs but would prefer one my size.  I have experience with little dogs and they are kind of wimpy.  You know, they fall over pretty easily during games.  Oh, and last, I would love a fenced yard so I would always be safe.  Maybe you are looking for a nice, active boy and if so then I’m your fellow!  Love you lots, Paws

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