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UPDATE: I had my surgery and now I am with a new foster who is the best because she is a vet person so she knows how to take care of me.  I’m so happy to be at their house so I can recuperate with the best of care.  It will take me 30 days to heal and so far so good.  I could use some help to pay for my bill because I don’t have any money and it cost $3,000 to fix me up.  You can see my before and after pictures here.  Any help you can give, I know all my friends at AGA would sure appreciate.

Hi everyone!  I am just 8 months old and only 51 pounds, so I have some growing to do.  I used to live on a breeder farm and loved playing with the kids that lived there.  I have a special medical problem that AGA is going to send me to a special doctor to get it fixed.  I have something called a cleft palate and it makes it hard to eat my food or breathe.  It is supposed to close before you are born but mine didn’t.  I will be glad to get it fixed.  They said I will get to take a nap while the doctor works so that sounds fine with me!  Why don’t you look at my picture and ask about me?  I would be a great new family member ’cause everyone says I’m a sweet, puppy girl.  Kisses from Pearl

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