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When I was born I needed special attention because I had something called a cleft palate.  It meant that the top of the inside of my mouth didn’t close the way it should have and it was hard for me to eat or sometimes even breathe.  My owners gave me a special gift – they let me go to AGA where I had an operation to fix my mouth.  I stayed with foster parents while I was getting better and the one who took care of me after the operation was even a dog doctor, Wow!  Now I have a new mom and dad, two sisters and a dog brother.  We have a pool for swimming (a new sport for me), a fenced yard to keep us safe and – some chickens.  I don’t know what I think about them.  And, not to be forgotten, thanks to my first owner for sending me to AGA – to AGA for getting my mouth fixed and to my wonderful donors who helped pay for it.  Your grateful golden girl, Pearl pup

Thank you to the following people who helped pay for my surgery:  Agnieszka Wesolowski, Courtney Dabbiere, Diane Treadway, Belinda Hickling, Jessica Kendall, Carol Evans, Becky Martin, Elizabeth Cook


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Thanks for all of your support! As of today, we have raised $1875 to help Pearl Pup.