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I’m looking for a new home ’cause my first family couldn’t take care of me any more.  I’m not quite 2 years old and I’ve learned some things like house manners and how to stay in a crate, although the crate is not my favorite place.  I have also learned that sleeping in the “people” bed is my favorite place to snooze.  I’m one of those handsome, red headed goldens with lots of energy.  I used to like playing with the puppy in my other home but not so much with young kids.  I’m good at playing with most dogs that are lively like me and a fenced yard would be perfect!  For now, I’m still working on the whole leash walking thing but still have a little ways to go.  I think an active family who likes to exercise and be busy would help me use up some of my energy!  My dog doctor is finishing up my check up and says I am a healthy boy!  Why not come and meet me?  We might be a perfect match.  Thanks for reading about me, Rooster