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I came here with three of my girl friends who, like me, used to be breeder goldens.  After having had puppies most of our lives, our owner said they were going to let us find homes and families of our own.  What good news that was and we are so excited!  I am the biggest of the four at 81 pounds, 5 years old and a cream golden.  They said I was the most confident of all of us and so I am already in a foster home but like my friends, I have a lot to learn about being a family dog.  We are each needing a yard with a fence and we have to be careful that no really little kids are in the family who haven’t learned to close doors and gates.  Sometimes breeder dogs are nervous and open doors are very tempting.  Besides that, who would have thought this thing called “leash walking” was so complicated and what are house manners?  But like I always say, “I’ll give it a try – how hard can it be?”  Why don’t you let AGA know that one of us is exactly what you’ve been looking for and then come and meet us?  Love you lots, Sammie

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