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So what would you do if a little kid walked by waving a lollipop in your face?  If you were a dog, that is?  You’d grab it.  Right?  And if that kid grabbed it back and turned around to walk away, lollipop in hand (or mouth)?  Well, a dog would figure that was his lollipop and more serious measures would be called for and that’s what left me homeless and dropped off at a shelter.  It was a bad day all around.  I’m 2 years old and need a new home with no kids with lollipops (or cookies or treats, etc).  Kids have to be old enough to know you don’t have a tug of war with a dog and his toys or snacks!  My foster says I am a calm boy with perfect house manners and knows how to walk on a leash just like a gentleman.  She says, too, that I am a great companion for going places in the car and love to play fetch in the yard.  That comes from the retriever side of my family.  I am a good friend to other dogs but cats, not sure about them.  I also have a very curly coat that comes from the poodle side of my family.  So why not ask to meet me and maybe we will hit it off!  Thanks for thinking of me, Sebastian

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