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Hi again, everyone! I was here not too long ago and tried out being adopted but then decided it wasn’t the right place for me and AGA kindly told me “It’s all about you being happy, Shelby – let’s try again!” I am a 7 year old, golden/shepherd mix girl. I have to admit that I absolutely do not like little, yappy dogs! I know I am not the only dog that feels that way! Not liking one is what put me in a shelter when my owner didn’t want me anymore. Talk about upsetting! The changes beginning with that move added up to my being more cautious around new situations. All I ask is a “no little dogs allowed” rule and people who are patient and understanding. I once lived with a dog called a “Lab” and that was OK. I like to have time to get comfortable in new surroundings and I think there must be an understanding person out there who could help me do that. I would love a nice, fenced yard and a quiet life with time to settle in and make your home, mine. Lots of love, Shelby

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