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NEWS FLASH: Thank you a million times over to angels Jane and John Pendergast for sending the money to pay for my HW treatment.  No one has ever given me money before and they sent $750!  For a down and out fellow like myself it is such a miracle!  Besides that, my friend Killian’s angel, Anieszka Wesolowski paid for his HW treatment and sent an extra $250 for him to share.  He chose me and now I can help pay for my skin treatment.  Killian and I are celebrating!!!  Many kisses to our angels!
I was embarrassed to meet the AGA people when they came and took me out of the shelter.  I have been on my own for quite some time, I think, and was not looking my best.  I don’t even remember what my “best” looked like and can’t even be sure what kind of dog I am!  That is really hitting bottom.  I needed a lot of help from my new doctor because my skin is not doing so well and my teeth need cleaning and, worst of all, I have heartworms.  I might be around 8-10 years old but no one is sure.  One thing that is certain, I need a home.  I do have some very good things about me such as knowing my house manners, walking well on a leash and taking treats gently.  I am not sure if I like other dogs.  When you are lost and alone sometimes you have to learn how to protect yourself.  I do know I love people and don’t like to be left alone.  I have been alone enough!  So, now I have to ask for some special help with getting the treatment I need for my heartworms.  It costs $750.  I can only hope that somewhere there is an angel (or angels) who would send AGA that many dollars to pay for my medicine.  I know I am not as handsome or as young as some of the other orphans, but I promise I will be the most grateful of all for your help and especially for a new home.  Lots and lots of love from Sinatra

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