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Some of the time before I got to AGA was not fun!  I was hit by a car that broke my leg and needed special care.  Finally, I was ready to find my own home and did I ever find one!!!  Now I have a mom who works at home so I have plenty of company and I help her take care of my little kid sister.  I have a yard with a fence (no more trips into the road where there are cars) and even a pool!  I will forget about all the bad things but I will never forget AGA and how they helped me!  Love you all very much, Snow

Thank you to the following people for your very generous donations for Snow’s medical expenses:
Stephene Major                                          Gina Sorrells
Daniel Beless                                               Mike Hall
Sharon Sullivan                                          Sandra Wyatt
Lydia Tankersley                                        Sharon Sullivan
Rich Johnson                                              Sarah Callahan
Karen Nixon                                                Robert Hunnicutt
Emory Maxwell                                           Tracy Stewart
Tonya Pike                                                    Laurie Geonis
Laurie Dahle                                                Kerri Volino
Johanna O’Leary                                        Stephanie Beezley
Julia Norton                                                 Terry Harbin
Dijana Smajic                                              Heather & Thomas Burgess
Nisveta Velic                                                Kiwii Convin
Robert Killam
Selma Emmi
Amar Smajic
Barb Brandt
Katie Johnson

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Thanks for all of your support! As of today, we have raised $4220 to help Snow – *Special Needs*.