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It was not a happy fourth of July for me this year.  I was lost and accidentally got hit by a car.  Some people from a shelter came and got me and took me to an emergency hospital for animals.  The rule says lost dogs have to wait 4 days for their owners to come and get them but no one came for me.  And, even worse, I had a broken leg!!!  After waiting so long, I was saved by AGA and they took me to a very special place where they are good at fixing dog legs.  But, just like with people, fixing bones costs a lot of money and I didn’t have any so AGA and I are asking for your help.  Altogether it cost $5,600!  It scares me how many dollars that is but if I can pay AGA back then the money will be there to help another sick or hurt dog.  I am so grateful that my leg could be fixed and so happy to think I have a new life ahead of me now.  When my foster gets to know me better and after I get my health check-up, I will tell you more about me.  For now, thank you everyone for caring.  Much love to everyone, your girl Snow

Thank you to the following people for your very generous donations for Snow’s medical expenses:
Stephene Major
Daniel Beless
Sharon Sullivan
Lydia Tankersley
Rich Johnson
Karen Nixon
Emory Maxwell
Tonya Pike
Laurie Dahle
Johanna O’Leary

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Thanks for all of your support! As of today, we have raised $1350 to help Snow – *Special Needs*.