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Here’s Stanford – a 16 week old purebred male pup. Stanford’s story is pretty simple. His first family got transfered and couldn’t take him so they gave him to a young couple with a small baby. Anyone who knows babies and puppies, knows it is best to raise them at different times if sanity is desired. So, this couple gave him to grandpa and grandma. Well, it only took a week for them to conclude a puppy was also too much for them too. They loved this pup a lot and that’s why they asked us to find him the perfect family. A family that’s active, has kids that can grow up with this wonderful dog. A family where a parent can be with him during his formative months ahead. Well, we aim to please and Stanford found a wonderful family who recently moved to Atlanta from New Jersey. They had lost their golden a few months ago and the kids decided the
new house wasn’t right without a golden. So, the oldest boy began the internet search and found us. Today, Stanford has a stay at home Mom, a hard working Dad who makes the money for all his new toys and 3 kids to raise (but they get to raise him first). Also, Stanford has a cool grandma who lives in Florida and she said he can come visit and swim anytime. (Dad, he needs you to buy him a life jacket).