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I am only 10 months old and I suppose you can guess, by my name, that I am a boy dog.  When I left Asia I went to stay in a nice foster home in Canada until I could come to the U.S.A.  What a day that was!  It was very dark when we got here but I was wide awake and charged out of my crate to meet the people who were waiting for me!  My Canadian foster said I was a “no accident” boy, good with other dogs and people!  Not sure about cats and squirrels yet but I’m willing to give them a try!  Some say I am a “slurper” when it comes to drinking water.  I think it tastes best if you put a little extra effort into drinking it.  So there you are!  AGA is learning more about all of us who just arrived and will let you know if you are interested.  Your buddy, Stanley