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BIG NEWS!!!!  I don’t know when I have been so happy.  I am going to get well now because some very kind person sent me $750 for my heartworm treatment.  He is famous for helping dogs like me and his name is John Pendergast.  I am proud to be one of “his” dogs!  When I am all better and can play ball I will try and get my foster people to send a picture to the AGA facebook page.  That way my friend John can see how happy I am.  Thank you a million times over.

I don’t want to think about my old life.  How did I happen to be hiding under a car when the shelter people found me?  How did I happen to not have good care – so bad that I got heartworms?  Why didn’t I have a chip that would help find out whose dog I was?  Not that I think finding my owner would have been a good thing!  I’m a 2 year old part golden boy who is now with AGA and staying with my foster people.  I have to have treatment for heartworms and it costs $750.  You have to have shots and you have to be quiet for a long time and then one day the dog doctor says, “Yippee, Teddy – you can run free now and play games and go and be healthy”.  I love games and dogs and kids and toys and even CATS!  I love to roll over on my back and kick my legs in the air.  Could you be my angel and make a donation to buy my heartworm medicine so I can do all the fun stuff again?  Thank you, thank you, a zillion times.  Love you all to pieces, Teddy

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