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Bet you couldn’t guess how I found my new mom and new dog friend.  Well – I went to see my doctor, there was Mom!  Can you believe it.  She started to love me a lot and decided I was perfect.  As it turns out she was looking for the perfect dog and there I was.  Can you imagine?  Anyway, she knows all about taking care of me besides taking me on walks and playing games with me and my dog friend.  And she is the BEST at giving lots of love and attention!  I think she is one, extra special mom!  Love to all, Tucker

Thank you to all the following people who have helped me with my life changing surgery!  I love you all.

Agnieszka Wesolowski                    Jen Pines
Breana Clinton                                   Glenn Hynick
Rachel Quirello                                  Debbie Rittmeyer
Ron Mitchell                                        Camille Balli
Susan McInerney                               Marybeth Hynick
Edward Mascali                                  Vicki Hiscutt
Mackenzie Milam                               Sydney Baker
Erik & Laurie Styacich                     Anna Allyn Lynch
Karen Saturn                                       Paul Levandoski

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Thanks for all of your support! As of today, we have raised $5128 to help Tucker.