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Meet Woodward. He is a wonderful male golden who we thought was around 10 years old but we are now convinced he is a little younger. His former owner drove him to a Humane Society and left him tied up in the parking lot. It happened to be on a night when there was a terrible storm. Stories like this are so sad. Woodward was simply miserable when we got him. He was flea ridden and flithy and pretty skinny. Thank goodness he is healthy otherwise and once we got him bathed, the sparkles in his eyes returned and he was a bit spry. He was a sweet golden boy who deserved some love, warmth and comfort in his golden years. He loved, loved, loved chasing two tennis balls at once. We realized that everyone wants a young dog but special people want a senior. Well, his foster mom is one of those special people. It didn’t take long for her to start falling for him. We could tell no one was going to be good enough for her Woody. She was right…except for one person — Woody’s foster mom herself.