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Rescuing Golden Retrievers & Golden Retriever Mixes Since 2003
A Message from the President and Founder, Lauren Genkinger
I hope this finds you and your family well. Unfortunately, I did get COVID-19 which was simply terrible. I urge you to do everything in your power to protect yourself and your family members from this virus. Wear masks - and please see our new masks we have on sale in our Golden Store

Please remember that for every item you purchase from our store, any profit goes directly to the care of our dogs. During this time, we are in great need of donations.  In fact, we have 3 dogs with medical expenses which exceed $15,000.00 (please help us help Juno, Lucas and Ruthie doodle) and we must raise this money.

Most of you know me, I do not ask you for money unless we need it to save goldens! We postponed having a GALA this year, which was a good decision due to Corona Virus impacting all social events. Please consider making a donation today. I see donations come in so I am asking my close friends
to help AGA by making a tax deductible donation. I need your help more than ever and I thank you from my humble heart and will be forever grateful for giving us the power to help abandoned and helpless golden retrievers. We are proud to have this as our mission and so proud to have our wonderful volunteers who embrace our mission and never stop giving us their time. I am so proud
of AGA and everyone who works with us and those who come to us for their next family member. 

Thank you for making a donation today and thank you for your continued support and love for
Adopt A Golden Atlanta.
With much gratitude,

If you've been following Nancy's story, you know that she came to us in early June with an injured leg that had to be amputated. Well, she has had her amputation done and has also been adopted.

We think the pictures and video will give you an idea of how wonderful her life is now. Nancy (now Honey), has hit the jackpot with her new forever family and is living the golden life!
We continue to find new homes for our orphans during this pandemic. We have set up meetings outside for those who feel comfortable with that or we can do a virtual meeting.

If you have been approved and are interested
in a meeting, please email info@adoptagoldenatlanta.com and we will forward it to the correct person. Please don't email if you have not been approved yet.

What is a permanent foster? At the present time, AGA has seven permanent foster dogs. The permanent foster program has been in place for quite a few years. When we get a dog who is diagnosed with a terminal illness or an illness that will cut their lives short, we make them permanent fosters.

A foster family is found who will take the dog in as their own and give them the best life possible. No adoption fee is ever paid for any permanent foster. The foster is responsible for bringing the dog to all their vet appointments and keeping up with all their medications. They keep the medical team updated with how their dog is doing and any concerns they may have regarding their dogs condition. AGA covers all of the medical expenses for each of these dogs, (some who will live up to 5 years with their illness), which can be extremely costly.

This is just another way that your generous donations help us save dogs. We don't turn away a dog because of an illness, we give them the best life possible, for as long as possible. The only way we can do that is with the amazing people who volunteer to be a permanent foster and the incredibly generous donations we receive. AGA would like to thank each and every one of you who have opened your hearts and your homes to these wonderful dogs!
Gunner, (FKA Soldier) was adopted in 2018 by two of our wonderful volunteers (that would be mom and dad). On July 23rd, Gunner became a big brother to his sister
Nora Grace.

As you can see by the picture Gunner loves to be around his baby sister. Mom says that he checks on her all the time and is so gentle with her (of course he is - he's a golden).

CONGRATULATIONS to you all and we can't wait to
meet Nora Grace!
3-Layer mask made with 2 layers of black cotton with one outer layer of polyester for sublimation.

$10 each or 5 for $40
Pocket size Hand Sanitizer fits in your purse or your pocket. Great to have at all times.

$3.50 each or 5 for $15
Here are some of the new families that were formed in July & August.
Congratulations to all of our pups who found their forever homes.
Wendy, Opie TD, Cerberus, Neptune, Ginger, Rosie Doodle,
Rosey, Pebbles, Isabelle, Drew, Nancy, Tugboat Pup,
Liberty, Tonka Pup & Prince
A HUGE thank you to all the volunteers, especially the foster families who helped these orphans find their forever families, particularly during this pandemic!
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You are the driving force behind AGA saving goldens. Honor a golden, memorialize
a loved one, help with Heartworm treatment; even a small gift will help!
Looking for a reliable organization to help care for your Golden?
Click through to meet AGA;s preferred vets, dog trainer and boarding facilities.