Need Help?

If you have adopted from us and are faced with a medical issue that you are unsure of how to handle, or you are not sure you are getting the best advice/diagnosis possible from your vet, please give us a call at 404-364-5377. We have many excellent veterinary specialists who we rely on and who have performed “miracles” on some of our dogs (even some of our own personal dogs). Our relationship with you does not end when you adopt from us, we are here to support you with advice and direction.

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Bloat is a life threatening condition in which the stomach rapidly fills with air. Sometimes the stomach then twists upon itself, preventing the air from escaping.

Blue/ Black Tongue Spots

The Chow Chow’s blue-black tongue is one of the breed’s most well-known physical characteristics. It’s also the most misunderstood.

Canine Epilepsy

Seizures may occur as a one-time event or repeatedly. Dogs that have seizures from a diagnosed underlying cause such as a brain tumor or other conditions are not considered epileptics.

Euthanasia at Home

What if my pet needs to be euthanized and I want it done at home?

Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease (HWD) is a severe infestation of the heart by worms, from 6′-12″ in length. The worms invade the heart and arteries to the lungs impairing their ability to function.

Itching and Scratching

Allergies to things in the environment, whether it’s dust mites, pollen, mold, trees and grasses, fleas, or even your unsuspecting household cat, is called allergic dermatitis.

Motion Sickness

Much like humans who experience a feeling of illness while on car trips, dogs can also get a queasy stomach when traveling in the car (or even by boat or air).


If you’ve found your dog standing in front of the mirror asking, “Does this collar make me look fat?” there is a very good chance the answer is YES.

Pet Dies at Home

Wha to do if your pet dies in your home.

Poisonous Substances

There he is, man’s best friend, looking at you longingly with those big brown eyes while you enjoy a snack. Seems harmless enough, but many foods eaten by humans can cause big trouble and even death for dogs.


Some people mistakenly believe that shaving or severely clipping their golden retriever is a wonderful way to keep the dog cool and comfortable in warm weather.


About 15,000 dogs and cats are bitten by snakes annually. More dogs than cats are bitten and dogs are usually bitten on their heads or extremities.


Many dogs eat grass or other “things” in the yard and vomit (usually on your best rug). HOWEVER, If your dog vomits more than a few times and appears sick and uncomfortable, call your vet.