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Cathy Maher

Howard Shore

David Macdonald (Happy Birthday)

Cathy Maher

Linda Haville

Our Turkey Dog 6, Lover Boy (now Beau)

Miley Owens

Our Maverick who we adopted from AGA in 2022

Our boy Cody, formerly AGA Snowflake

John and Andrea Pruitt

Linus, Camille and Karland (our AGA rescues)

China dog Cooper 2020

Lucy and Piper (adopted from AGA in 2022)




Olaf and his wonderful parents, Ryan and Randi

Application Team Linda and Anne

Our rescue dogs Eden and Maverick

Jason & Luccia Bertone

Jamie Shultz

Their Fur Baby - Gerrity/Schuler Wedding

Stephanie Lane & Josh Clancy

Ron Santaniello

Jada Stich

Our AGA adoptee Molly Lolly, we love her!

Debbie & John Reetz

Linda Whitaker

Ginger adopted 2.29.20, she's a great dog.

Molly (Turkey Dog)

Trace, who knew where Bree needed to be!


Lisa Watts

Kim Loomis and Lori Laliberte


Sandi Berg


Our sweet Bentley adopted 6.1.22

Sky, Pumpkin and Munson, all AGA dogs

Olaf TD17

Cooper Bjorkman, 6yr old golden with cerebellar hypoplasia

Bandon (formerly Blizzard) who completed our family!

Our AGA pup Cody


Grandpa from Henry Co


Monte Moose Mitchell (AKA Horton)

Jessie & Belinda Engagement

Judson & Melissa Powers


Gail Taffel for her extraordinary work with AGA

My golden, Beau, and in thanks for Beth Bilton!

Rowdy (Howdy Doody TD3) celebrating no cancer


Erik Kroger

Liam who we adopted 4 years ago

Christy Eckhoff

The Marriage of Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Hayden

Stephanie Kenney

Jamie Shultz’s party, raising donations and proceeds for AGA

Our Turkey Dog, Lover Boy (now Beau)

Brody, our strong and brave boy!

Charlie & Razzle Jay



Graycie and Millie, (my 2 current AGA rescues)




AGA Intake Team

Buddy TD4 and his friends

John & Debbie Reetz


All the Dogs that need a home

Mark, Kaitlin & Opie Anderson

Linda Whitaker

Mary Ann Green

Laura, Abby & Ashley Beck

Chris, Megan, Eli, Will & Andrew McCollum

Izzy Di Maria's 4th Birthday


Beryl Sawyer

Sheri Koshover's Bat Mitzvah

Susan Smith

Joseph McPartland

Joseph McPartland

Saba my first golden who showed me how wonderful it is to have a golden baby at home

Debbie & BJ

Kathleen Pacious Gilbert

Beth Bilton

Mrs. Dana Griffin

Gail Pickel's Birthday

Murphy our AGA love

Our Peyton (Patton TD2) Adopted June 2015

Gail Taffel

Bruno Pup

Lil Sophie

Ron Santaniello