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Building our Medical fund helps us save more dogs like Guin, Fernando & Little Bit!

AGA is always ready to step up and take in a dog with major (or minor) medical issues.  It seems that lately there have been a good amount of dogs in desperate need of medical.  AGA is able to help these sweet dogs because of the generous donations from all of you.

Here are a few that are under our medical care right now and we'd like to save a lot more of them so they can go on and live a happy and loving life.

Welcome Guinevere (Guin)

Guin came to AGA from Bartow County Animal Shelter who put out an urgent call for a rescue for this sweet girl.  She is thought to be a senior girl who is blind, deaf and missing the majority of her fur.  This sweet girl is in rough shape and this is what Rescue is all about.  Saving these sweet dogs that have had a terrible past for one reason or another and can live the rest of their days as they should being taken care of and loved.  We're letting sweet Guin do a little decompressing in her foster home and then we'll share with you all her medical needs and update you with her progress.  It will be a long road for this girl but with everyone's help she will be a beautiful, happy and loved girl!

Meet Fernando Pup

Fernando found himself at a local shelter after a good Samaritan witnessed Fernando's owner throwing him and his siblings out of their car.  The good Samaritan managed to help two of the puppies but one ran off and they couldn't catch him/her.  They kept one of the pups but needed help with Fernando, so they took him to the shelter.  We think he is about 10 weeks old and may be a golden/great pyr mix.  We got him into a foster home and one day in this poor little guy was very sick.  He ended up being diagnosed with the Parvo virus and was taken immediately to an emergency hospital to get the best treatment for survival.  Sweet Fernando spent a couple of days at the emergency hospital and was released back to his wonderful foster home where he is feeling so much better and is on the mend - acting like a typical puppy.

Meet Little Bit Pup

Little Bit came to us from Florida.  Her owner's Golden had a litter and Little Bit wasn't thriving like the other pups in the litter.  The owner's were told she had an Ectopic Ureter.  They reached out to many Florida rescues and none of them were able to take her.  They were eventually referred to us and we were happy to take this little girl.  A wonderful foster took her in and we took her to an AGA vet where she was definitely diagnosed with an Ectopic Ureter.  Unfortunately, she also had very poor kidney values - so that was of great concern also.  From the beginning, this sweet girl wore diapers because of her constant leaking.  We were able to get her into UGA, who performed the surgery on her Ectopic Ureter.  We are happy to report that about 5-7 days into her recovery with her amazing foster family, she stopped leaking!  This was the best news Little Bit could get.  Now, we need to work on her kidney issues and see if the Ectopic Ureter was the cause of her kidney values being so poor or if she does indeed have kidney disease.  We will keep you updated on her progress but as you can see from the pictures, this girl is getting big!  She loves being with her foster family who has quite a few dogs for her to play with and learn from.

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Thanks for all of your support! As of today, we have raised $2000 towards our Medical Fund.