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My dog is vomiting, what do I do?

If your dog is bright, alert and acting normally and only vomits once, it is probably not necessary to call your veterinarian. Many dogs eat grass or other “things” in the yard and vomit (usually on your best rug). HOWEVER, If your dog vomits more than a few times and appears sick and uncomfortable, call your vet. It is helpful if you note when the vomiting started, how many times your dog has vomited, what the vomit looks like (bile, undigested food, foreign objects). Seek immediate vet care ( ER clinic if after hours) if:

  • There is blood in the vomit
  • Your dog acts like he wants to vomit, but nothing is expelled
  • Your dog appears bloated or has a swollen abdomen (please read the article on bloat on our website.)
  • You suspect your dog may have eaten something toxic or poisonous
  • You suspect your dog has eaten a foreign object
  • Your dog has a fever or is depressed
  • Your dog’s gums are pale or yellow
  • Your dog appears to be in pain
  • Your dog also has diarrhea
  • If your dog vomits more than 4- 5 times in a 12 hour period

Do not give your dog any medications, including over-the-counter human medications unless advised by your vet to do so.