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Abbott, a 5 year old male golden was found wandering and dodging cars. He was dragging a cable tie-out. Signs were put up where he was found but no one claimed him. We know Abbott was smart and had broken away from his nasty tie-out. So we promised him that we would find him a home where he would never have to run away again. A man had applied to adopt a dog from us. He had lost his golden and knew he wanted another. We had Abbott picked out for him but we didn’t tell him. We needed to see if Abbott wanted him. So we asked the man to foster Abbott. He did and Abbott called us after a week and reported that he was just what he wanted… a best friend who would take care of Abbott for life. Abbott wanted to take care of him too. So a few more weeks went by and the man was so hooked. We got the call – you know, the one that begins “I want to adopt him … He and I are meant for each other…We will go on adventures… and, oh by the way, Abbott is a real chick magnet.” We knew it all along. Way to go boy!