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UPDATE: When Ada came into the program this past weekend, we noticed that she looked bloated and we asked her owner what was going on. Her owner said she had taken her to the vet and he thought it was something she ate. Well, that was an outright lie. We took Ada to one of our vets first thing Monday morning and they were immediately concerned. It was fluid and an ultrasound revealed a massive amount of fluid around her stomach, lungs and heart… so much fluid around her heart that it couldn’t even be seen in the films. Fluid was in her lungs also. She had labored breathing. We called her former owner that day and left a message telling her the diagnosis and asking if she wanted to take Ada back for the short time she had left. It was only going to be a few weeks. She never called. We felt the stress of living at a vet’s office or moving to a family she didn’t know would compromise her remaining days. We could not let this little girl suffer. Today, one of our wonderful volunteers helped her cross the Rainbow Bridge. Normally we would apologize to all those people who came to this past weekend’s adoption day and met Ada. Many of our volunteers fell in love with her and eight families picked her as the golden they wanted to adopt. Rather than apologize for showing you a dog you can’t have, we are glad Ada touched each and every one of you. She had a mission that day — she showed you what a loving breed these goldens are and what joy they can bring you. Her eyes told you it was time to have one in your life. We also want to thank every one who talked to her and touched her and told her what a beautiful girl she was. We know it was probably the best day of her life. BACKGROUND: This is Ada — she is a 4 year old purebred female golden who is as sweet as she looks. Her mom recently married into the military and Ada can’t go with them. Ada is good with other dogs, kids and even cats. She loves to run and swim and enjoys car rides. She is sorta perfect unless you leave her outside and then she will dig (but who wouldn’t?)