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I am kind of a “wild child” but that’s because I am a dog who hasn’t learned any rules yet.  We are just not born knowing everything!  One thing I do know is that with the help of rescue people in China I escaped the people who wanted to make me into someone’s dinner!!  NO!!  Dogs are made to play with and share toys with and learn games like “fetch”, take walks and car rides and make you feel better when things are not going so well.  The rescuers actually paid money to take me to safety!  Now I am going to be an American boy.  At 1-2 years old I am needing folks who can help me learn things like not jumping on people (sometimes I just can’t help myself), how to remember my house manners and walk on a harness.  I love all people and other dogs.  Maybe another dog in my new family could help me learn good behavior?  That would be fun!  I am grateful to be here but sad for the other poor dogs in China who might not be so lucky.  Please help AGA to help them.  Much love from Alan

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