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Arden is a 5 year old female purebred golden who strolled into someone’s backyard about 3 months ago. They kept her chained to a tree. The chain had discolored her neck hair and her little front teeth were a bit worn from where she was trying to free herself. Then these people decided “she’s too much trouble” (tied to a tree?) and turned her into Animal Control. Thanks to the Animal Control officer and a Humane Society volunteer, she was turned over to us. What was so surprising about Arden is that she was able to keep her cute personality… rollovers, high-5’s and a constant tail wag even when sitting on it. She was just a happy dog looking for someone to love. And, we found her the most special family… A Mom, Dad and teenage girl (and then there’s Butter the cat too). Arden is a constant companion for Mom and loves taking her on walks around the neighborhood. It’s her most favorite time, except when her kid gets home from school and then when Dad gets home from work. It’s a lot of work but our wigglebutt Arden is up for it and is loving every minute of it.