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I could hardly believe it when I got to Atlanta. It was a long, long trip from China and it was dark outside when I was finally let out of my crate. I just knew no one would be there to meet me because everyone would be sleeping! What a surprise to find AGA volunteers waiting – and they were all awake! After we got acquainted, I told them all about me. I am two years old and kind of a “go with the flow” fellow. I am just 50 pounds so on the smaller side as boy goldens go, but probably should gain a few pounds. I am a happy, friendly fellow who gets along with other dogs just fine! When it comes to food and toys I do prefer not to share. I know to sit at the door when I need to go out and I love walking on a leash, but even better, I love running in the yard and rolling in the grass! I am mostly proud of my handsome coat of golden hair so it would be a real plus to find a family who liked to brush dogs! Please come and meet me and see if we are a match. Much love and gratitude to my rescuers, Arthur