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I would like to tell you a history lesson.  I am named after a goddess (well that’s another word I’ll explain later).  She was called the Goddess of Wisdom and it was about a zillion years ago.  Now, you ask, what is wisdom?  It means knowing lots of things and making wise choices like where to go when you need a bathroom break and how to try and understand cats and chickens and bigger dogs.  I don’t know if the Goddess knew all those things but I do.  I also think I would be best with kids 7-15 because, knowing how much energy young goldens have, I need companions that can keep up with me!  A wise choice I think!  I am a 6 month old puppy and I still have not seen the Goddess.  In fact, I don’t think any one has but that’s OK because I like to imagine things too – like a fenced back yard, a big pile of toys and my own bed, dish, leash and collar.  My breeder was so nice to send me to AGA because they knew it was where all my imaginings would come true!  Much love from Athena the Second.