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Blossom II, a 6 year old female came to us from North Carolina. A family had bought Blossom as a puppy for their grandchildren but soon found their grandchildren grown and gone and knew they really weren’t ‘dog people’ so they sought out a golden rescue who could find Blossom a new home. Blossom was pretty perfect (except being a smidge overweight). We thought she was the really perfect for a lady who had been wanting a golden for years. In fact, her best friend is the one who contacted us about finding her a golden for her birthday. It looks like Blossom got the birthday present! She is in her new home and Mom adores her already. And, we think she will have that trim waistline back in no time (no birthday cake for Blossom!). You can see how happy she is … and, yes, she really does smile.