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I am a 6 year old boy and I used to live in a house and sometimes in a kennel.  I am about 98 pounds which my new doctor says is too much, so I guess I’ll be going on a diet and getting an exercise routine.  It’s hard to exercise in a kennel because there is no place to walk and run!  I have to apologize for the condition of my coat.  I had so many mats and tangles that it was decided that all that could be done was to get shaved and start over again with a new coat.  I do admit, it feels much better having such a mess gone!  I love car rides, love giving kisses and I am friendly to other dogs.  I have been lonesome a lot before I came to AGA and being around all these people is so much fun!  I am good at walking on a leash so if you need a partner to stroll along with you, I’m your guy.  And if you don’t mind me being a bit goofy from time to time, well, why not come and meet me?  Lots of love, Boo

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