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I was on my own for a while and some nice people put food out for me but I ran away every time they tried to catch me. I was so scared! One day some people from the shelter caught me and I was put in a cage and that was worst of all! I saw a lot of people there but the best day was when AGA sent a driver, (I wasn’t scared of him at all) and a car for me to bring me to one of their doctors. I am about 2 years old and haven’t had any trips to a doctor so I was sad to hear I have heartworms and now it will take $750 to buy my medicine and I am scared again because I don’t have any money. The AGA orphans told me that I need to ask for an “angel” (or more than one) to send me some dollars and so that is what I have done. And it worked! In no time at all, my very own angel lady sent me all the dollars I needed! Now I am not scared any more. Thank you Jennifer Mercure!! I wish I could hug you and tell you how happy you have made me! When I am all better AGA will help me find my new home. I’d like a nice, easy going family where I will never be afraid and a yard with a fence and no cages and maybe another dog to play with – could you be the ones? I’d like to try out some toys too! Love you lots, Bridget