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Buddy Lee is a wonderful 3 year old purebred male golden. Buddy’s first owner didn’t like Buddy barking and had him ‘debarked’… a horrible thing to do where his vocal cords were cut. That owner still didn’t like him and took him to a shelter two years ago where a kind man who had german shepherds adopted him. Buddy Lee has been a great dog for this man but he knew he wasn’t paying enough attention to Buddy. He knew Buddy deserved to be in a home where he could play with children and have parents who would give him lots of hugs. We knew a wonderful family who recently lost the love of thier life, Max, a beautiful golden. They were still sad and weren’t ready for a dog but we thought they might be ready to foster one. They thought about and agreed on the condition that we understood that they weren’t ready to get another dog. We understood and were just happy to find Buddy a comfy and safe haven until he found his forever home. Well, it was probably around the 24 hour mark that we heard that Buddy Lee had found his forever home — with them. Buddy just charmed his new Mom and Dad. It could have been the fact that he stuck like velcro to them and was wonderfully trained and gentle. Buddy’s Dad is an artist who works from home so Buddy is never left alone. He has a huge house and big fenced backyard. We hear Buddy may be joining Happy Tails soon and may get a little brother by summer. So, even though Buddy can’t bark, he speak with his eyes and he is in love and so are his parents (the ones who weren’t ready for another golden).