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I came here with Winter, Nana and Buddy.  We are all girls except Buddy and each is about 5 or 6 years old and around 60 to 70 pounds.  Our jobs, for all of our lives, have been to produce puppies.  Our breeder/owner says, “Time to retire and AGA will find new homes for you”.  Now that’s the tricky part!  We are not your average dog but we have every quality that will allow us to be one because we are goldens!  As my friends will agree, we Must have a secure fence so we can run and play and be outside when the weather is nice.  We MUST have family members who can understand it’s a big mistake to leave a door open.  Did you ever think that maybe we don’t know our names yet and if we run away it’s no use to call us?  A lost dog that is never found is the saddest thing ever.  So keep reading because we want to be sure you know what a breeder dog can be like – at first – and how it can turn into the best thing that ever happened to you!  Much love from Button

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