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First, remember a breeder dog can be totally different from a family dog.  My foster and I are here to tell you you that I am learning to overcome “challenges” (that means the “the hard stuff”), but have not accomplished everything yet.  My house manners training is still a work in progress although I do know how to use the pads they put down for me and also know I should go outside to go to the bathroom.  I let them put a leash on me but it still makes me nervous and sometimes the foster mom has to carry me outside because it scares me to go out without help.  Sometimes I just don’t feel safe!  On the plus side, I LOVE other dogs!!!  I can stay alone in the house and not chew on anything except my bones.  I am not so scared of people as I used to be.  As I said, a breeder dog is way different than a family dog but a golden is always a golden no matter where they come from and with the right help, I will make you so proud of me! I do so want to be part of a family!

I came to AGA with my sister dog Raindrop, after living in a cage for all of our lives.  We don’t know what it’s like to feel safe so we are very scared right now.  We are needing homes where we can not run away from because we might get spooked or someone accidentally leaves the door open.  It takes patience and understanding and time to help a breeder dog learn that home is the best place of all.  If you think you can help us please let AGA know.  Hoping for good things to happen – Cloudy

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