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I ended up in a shelter after someone found me tied to a fence.  That was a mean person that did that.  I don’t know how to untie things!!!  I knew things would work if I kept on smiling and being my sweet self, and it did!  The shelter where I was waiting called the people at AGA and they said, “Come on sweetheart, let’s find you a new home!!!”  Now I’m staying with foster parents who are giving me the royal treatment.  They have given me an A+ on house manners and almost an A+ on leash walking.  I am about 2 years old and some call me a “mix” but I prefer “blend” which is much classier.  I am definitely mostly golden retriever and the rest could be Chow, maybe?  So far, I have enjoyed 4 mile hikes, getting to know a friendly golden girl dog and a little boy!  Please ask to meet me because I think my perfect family is out there just waiting for me.  Hugs from Denali

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