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Dryfuss, a 14 week old male golden puppy needed a new home because his parents decided to get a divorce… which proves that a new puppy won’t fix a marriage! So, off to fostercare where foster Mom and Dad and their 3 dogs instantly fell in love with him. But knowing there were more goldens waiting for foster homes, they reluctantly let him go to his new home or should we say homes? Yep, their decision to let him go was made easier when they met Mom & Dad and saw how much love he would get and how very spoiled he would be. Dreyfuss, now Barker, has a big house and his own pool and even has another house in the mountains. But the best is he has Malcom, his canine brother best friend and a Mom and Dad who absolutely adore him. Last seen, this pup was snoozing away on the couch with Dad.