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I didn’t ask for much and I really expected nothing.  But while I was getting the medicine for my heart worms thanks to Christine Clynes, things kept changing for the better!  My first good luck started with getting helped by AGA and then Christine stepped in to be my angel sponsor and from there I went to my foster’s home to get better.  She was my friend and my nurse and my helper and she gave me good food and a soft bed and so much love.  She petted me and told me everything would turn out OK.  Best of all, she turned out to be my mom!  One day I told her I wanted to be her little boy dog and she said she wanted to be my mom.  We told AGA and it was a deal!  Thank you AGA, Christine and especially mom for giving me more than I ever hoped for in this new life.  We ended up rescuing each other!  Love you all, Gary