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I wanted to come to America SO MUCH that I plotted and planned how to get there among a bunch of golden retrievers. See, I’m not a golden! Anyway it wasn’t too hard – I just slid in with the pack. The goldens helped me! My DNA test says I’m part Shepherd and part Malamute mix. Of course, I am also very handsome and smart and love people including kids that are getting bigger. I am a little over 5 years old and medium size and I was adopted and lived with a family for about four years until they said they couldn’t keep me at home. I kept getting out and I can tell you, my prey drive is pretty strong for little critters! On the plus side, I love car riding, walks on my leash (I sit quietly for someone to put it on me) and I would love a home where there is room for me on my people’s bed but if not, I also love my own bed. If you have a fence, it must be one of those tall, can’t see through kind and I like other dogs for company. I do not like to be put in one of those crates because it means I am going to be alone and I do NOT like being alone. Please, someone, stay home with me mostly or take me with you. I have lots of energy and I get so bored if I am left alone and nothing is happening! I am so missing my home but AGA says they’ll help me find a new one. Why don’t you come and visit me? I’m keeping my paws crossed cuz I need you! Gator