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Meet Ginger – one half of the Spice Girls from New Orleans. Her sister is Jasmine. Her favorite things in life are tennis balls (like all golden retrievers) and playing with the water hose. Here she is dressed up like a German Shepherd. We think she did a marvelous job! She had lost her home (See Jasmine’s story) and her family. We didn’t want her to lose her best friend, Jasmine. So we looked for a kind hearted family who would agree to keep these wonderful dogs together. They are devoted to each other. It wasn’t hard because Ginger had a wonderful personality and thought she was golden. But in the end, her new family was actually looking for a German Shepherd. They had recently lost their beloved boy and wanted another. So, Ginger had to quickly act like a German Shepherd and she did great. She introduced them to her sister, Jasmine and they fell in love with her too. Ginger has two girls to raise and they have decided Ginger’s color is green and Jasmine’s is pink. We can’t wait to see them in the spring! Now read Jasmine’s story to find out more.