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Here is a guessing game for you!  What is soft and warm and cuddly?  What gives licks and kisses and likes to be held?  What is only 8 weeks old and 13 pounds?  Give up?  It’s ME!!  I am a boy puppy looking for a new home and a family.  I tried out one place but their dog doctor said I had a hum in my heart.  So they sent me back to the breeder.  AGA’s dog doctor said “Nope, can’t hear a hum in his heart”.  So the plan is to “monitor” me (that means give me check-ups) and see what’s up with this humming sound.  Sounds OK doesn’t it?  So whatever it is, I still need a home and I would love it to be yours!  One more question – “What will sit in your lap and love you a lot?”  Why, it’s ME of course!  Hank Pup

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