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Harvard, a 3 year male purebred golden, was on death row at a shelter. It seems his owner took him to the shelter because he kept escaping from the yard. Guess it didn’t matter that he was left alone all the time and he had been neutered (probably a case of wanderlust). The shelter worker called us knowing he would be put to death the next day since he was an ‘owner turn-in’. We drove to Augusta to get him. WE found a very smart dog(hence the name Harvard)who was a gentleman and who loved everyone and loved his ball. The big question: would he love Indiana? We had a family who wanted to save a golden and thought Harvard was just right for them. This family had a Dad, a stay at home Mom, 2 little boys and a golden girl named Dolly…. and a grandma and grandpa around the corner who also had a cousin golden. It sounded perfect… particularly when they said they couldn’t wait and were getting in their van to come to Atlanta to get him. Well, 10 hours later (they got lost in Chattanooga), it was love at first sight. When last seen, Harvard — now named Teddy — was in the
back seat with Mom hoping the kids would put on AIR BUD. He sends postcards and says he loves Dolly (she is full-figured) and loves his two boys who play ball with him all the time. He is planning to learn how to shoot hoops cause he is in INDIANA!!!