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Meet Herrington, a 4 year old purebred male golden who we found in a shelter. Only a few people had the honor of meeting Herrington. He had a large tumor on his side when we took him into the program. We wanted to see if we could help him. We tried and failed. We think Herrington held on as long as he could — he was much too dignified to die in a shelter. Even in his last minutes, he managed to wag his tail slowly. He was emaciated and couldn’t breath. He was suffering and we had no choice but to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge. He was with people who did care for him. He deserves to be seen and his brief story told. He was much too young to die and all we can hope is that he had many days running after balls and having long tummy rubs and knew what it was to be loved. We will remember you Herrington.