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Honny is a 7 year old female golden who is from Japan. Her mom’s work schedule had made Honny sad. She was used to having mom around alot and Honny was now lonely. Her mom knew she deserved to be a loyal friend to someone who could spend lots of time with her. She is well trained and very nuturing. She once found a litter of kittens, brought them home and cared for them. She is used to visiting hospitals and assisted living facilites where she comforts people and makes them happy. She is a very speical golden and needed a very special home. And- so be it. Honny has a wonderful new family in Virgina who recently lost one of the beloved goldens to cancer. Everyone was sad and lonely – particularly Molly, the golden. She missed her sister. And then there was Mom and Dad who didn’t know if they were ready yet .. but then they saw Honny. They knew their son would adore her and she was just what Molly had ordered. Honny will get a few good swims in the family pool before the cold fall arrives and hopes to chase a few golf balls her new kid will hit. He’s supposed to be pretty good so those extra pounds Honny is carrying will soon be history. Honny had a wonderful rest of her life in her new home swimming in the pool, but Honny lost her battle with numerous health issues and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2007