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I want everyone to know how happy I am.  I knew I was sent to AGA for a special reason and I found out what that was when I met my new mom and dad.  At first I thought they were just fostering me while I had my heartworm treatment but when I got all better they adopted me!  Mom and dad had to send their two other dogs off to be angel dogs and it was very lonely around the house.  I showed them how sweet and how smart I am.  Once my heartworms were gone I was allowed to run and practice sports in my new yard.  That part was thanks to my two angels, Jane Skvarich & Steve Cochi who sent the money for my doctor bills!  It’s hard to believe how kind they were to a dog they never met.  I think they love goldens a lot!  And now I have new parents who love me too, and who could ask for anything more.  Thank you to all the people at AGA who gave me a new life.  Love you all!  Ivory