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I am so proud to announce that I have my very own sponsors who sent me $750 so I could buy the medicine I needed to get rid of these awful heartworms.  They are Jane & Steve Skvarich/Cochi but to me they are Angel Jane and Angel Steve!  I feel so special that they cared about me that much  and I thank them with my new, healthy heart!

One day some drivers came to pick up me and my friend Buck from where we lived as breeder dogs.  We knew this day was coming as our owner promised that we would soon be looking for new homes with families and the big day arrived!  We were pretty excited.  A lot about us is the same (except I am a girl and he is a boy), like we are each around 4 years old and nearly the same size at about 70 pounds.  My favorite things are people, other dogs, kids, walking on a leash and playing tennis ball!  I also like to show what the word “sit” means.  For now though, I have to catch up on a few things with my new doctor.  They found out that I have heartworms and it costs $750!  Wow – I don’t know anything about money and need a kind sponsor to pay for the medicine to get rid of the awful things.  I also need to have a tooth fixed that is broken but after I am all finished with these things I can go to a new home.  While I’m waiting you could still ask about me, and my friends at AGA will help us meet.  Thank you for maybe being my new family!  Love you lots, Ivory
P.S. – Our drivers said we are “sweet” and “wonderful”!  That just made our day!