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We had to leave our home after 11 years with our mom and dad and we were very sad and so was our dad because we lost our mom, and if it weren’t for the fact that AGA helped us stay together, we can’t imagine what would have happened to us.  All we have ever had is each other and we need a place to rest our heads with loving people who will help us.  AGA  calls that kind of home a “permanent” foster home.  That means once we find that place we won’t have to move again.  That sounds really good to us because we are tired of having to move and we just want to find a place we can call home.  Right now we have a wonderful foster, but she has her hands full with other dogs and children.  We are good goldens and like other dogs, cats, walking on leashes and especially toys and snacks!  Mostly though, we like someone to pet us and give us hugs and tell us they love us.  We don’t ask for much and we know how to be sweet and kind.  Could you let us come and live with you?  We promise we will show you how grateful we are.  Just to be happy and not sad anymore is all we ask.  Love from Maize and Bosque