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Oh my gosh!  I really (and I mean REALLY) need help!  My owner took me to a dog shelter because they left me there because they are no longer able to look after me.  Now I am kind of a mess with my skin infected and needing more food because I am too thin and (the BIG ONE) to top it all off I have heartworms.  How does one dog get in this kind of shape?  Like my new friend Mollee, I very much need sponsors to help pay for the heartworm medicine.  I am a 3 year old golden girl and I only weigh 47 pounds!  My hair has been falling out and I have scabs all over me.  For now I have to be in isolation so no one catches whatever it is that I have.  Everyone has assured me things are going to turn out just fine, so I am trying to look on the positive side.  I am dog, cat and kid friendly.  I like riding in the car and walking on a leash and I think, as I get to feeling better, I will be able to tell you lots of good things about me!  For now, I would so appreciate you joining the Mily team and helping to pay ($1,000) for the medicine I need.  Much love and gratitude from Mily

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