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Like my friends Button, Buddy and Winter, I too have been a breeder dog all my life.  Our owner now wants us to retire and have a real home and be family members.  We can’t say it too often but we are different from pet dogs you may already have or know.  Our companions have been mostly other dogs.  Our “beds” have been kennels, our “families” have been litters of puppies and our toys – probably not much of those.  We don’t go on car rides to get ice cream, or run in the grass and play games or walk on a leash and meet the neighbors.  We don’t go on swimming trips to the lake, or get belly rubs each night before we sleep.  Most of us don’t know what house manners are and most are scared when leaving our kennels.  We want to learn and it takes patience, love and understanding to help us.  Your good girl, Nana